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  • Colorspace comparison

    By Doug Nelson (doug) on Sunday, May 20, 2001 - 01:12 am:

    I did this for another group I subscribe to (gad, I feel so unfaithful), but I thought maybe there was a colorspace guru here that might have some meaningful input:

    The topic was "does converting from one colorspace to another destroy data?" but feel free to make any colorspace contributions you feel like.

    By Mick Kerr on Friday, June 01, 2001 - 11:08 am:

    I have had some experience with color spaces but I work for a local newspaper & most of our problems stem from CMYK images & not RGB images. But I can say through hard experience that in my case I have received images at work that have an ICC profile embedded to another CMYK setup & overwriting our own Separation setup & when the job is printed the colours are nothing like what they were on the screen. It has become so bad that our organisation has put a freeze on upgrading to anything above Photoshop 4 until the problem is resolved although apparently Photoshop 6 has resolved a lot of these problems. My main fix is to convert these images back to RGB & then convert them to CMYK in our Separation colorspace. It means a little bit of extra work in correcting the image as all this converting to & fro to different modes can sometimes degrade an image quite a bit. I must stress these are usually contributed images like emails etc.
    Mick Kerr
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