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Scanning Resolution calculator

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  • Scanning Resolution calculator

    Scanning Resolution calculator

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    That's actually pretty cool. Thanks.
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      Thanks! That is great


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        Cool! -Jeanie


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          thanks, I'm sure this link will be very handy.


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            Hey, I book marked this one right off. That is really handy to have. Thanks John.


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              Resolution Calculator - allows calculate recommended scanning resolution.

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            • Balky
              Scanning Calculations
              by Balky
              Hi, everyone.!

              I've been wanting to know for a long time how to correctly calculate resolution before scanning. Is there some chart or formuly by which it's done?

              and another thing... When I scan I have 2 controls:

              Resolution and Scaling

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              I'm new to both retouching and to photoshop cs3 extended. I will be asking a lot of questions!

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              I recently acquired a scanner and along with it a slew of family photos to scan and preserve. Although I am only scanning them right now I do plan on digitally restoring many of them. Physical sizes of images range from 8x10 to less than 1" square.

              I've noticed that a lot of members...
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              Here's the question:
              Say I'm scanning a 5x7 and because I may want to make larger prints someday, I scan it at a high resolution to avoid resampling. Do I also scan that image at a higher percentage then the actual size? Instead of scanning it at 400dpi at 100% (actual size) would I also...
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