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Just calibrated my monitor for 1st time

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  • Just calibrated my monitor for 1st time

    and it looks horrible. Very dull almost like it's washed out. I used Adobe Gamma. Anyone got any tips on this? I know it's impossible for you to help me too much cause you can't see my monitor but maybe you got some general tips. Also, I've got a CRT and a LCD that don't look very close. I know that the LCD is going to look brighter in general but there you go on that. My CRT which is what I do all my work on, is a mitsu diamondtron. In other words, it's a sony trinatron. Help Help. lol

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    They should look pretty close to each other (you're not going to get exact with Adobe Gamma). And a calibrated monitor will tend to look a bit "flatter" than one that is maxed out. Make sure you used advanced mode in AG, and that you have both calibrated to the same white-point. You'll also want to make sure they've been on for at least an hour each, and that you don't have a window or other light source behind them (since you're using your eyes to judge).
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      Many LCD's are not designed to be calibratable. I would focus on the CRT first and then get the LCD as close as you can later.
      Also how old is your CRT. If it is a few years old, it may be impossible to calibrate. I have found this to be the case with several trinitrons which have been similarly aged. The brightness range really fell off.
      Regards, Murray


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        Doug: Thanks for all that. When I said that it was flat, I mean really really flat. Maybe it's just cause I'm not use to it but it looked really bad. It wasn't close to the LCD, it wasn't close to the print, it wasn't close to what I liked.

        Murray: Thanks a bunch for that little piece of info. My Diamondtron was bought in 2001 (at the now unheard of price of $1000). I've always liked it though. Maybe it's that time to move on or just put up with it. That may be hard as I am now really getting into this photo retouching gig.

        After looking at the calibration job I did, I just went back to the defaults. I don't think I used the advanced mode so maybe I could give that a try and see if I get anywhere.

        Thanks again guys.


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