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  • TIFF file problems

     I have been advised to save finished
    Photoshop work using the lossless tiff file
    format vis the lossy jpeg file format. But I have
    a problem opening these tiff files in other
    applications. My scanner is a Canoscan D
    660U. The images scanned with this scanner
    and saved as a tiff file give no problem , but the
    tiff files made by Photoshop 6.0.1 give me
    problems when I try to open them in other
    applications. The photo editor and album, both
    by Arc Soft, which came bundled with the
    scanner put out an message of the file type is
    not supported, and Windows ME, my operating
    system , when I click on a Photoshop tiff file will
    give an error of “ RUNDLL32 caused an invalid
    page fault in module IMAGING.DLL at
    017f:7b9281fd. ...” . Whether the tiff files are
    compressed or not makes no difference with
    this problem. Has anyone else had this or
    similar problem? Is anyone willing to try to see
    if they can duplicate this problem?

    Note jpeg files made by Photoshop give no
    problem when I open them in other
    applications. I have thought about changing the
    application Win ME automatically uses to open
    tiff files from RUNDELL32.EXE to Photoshop,
    this would work for me, but anyone without
    Photoshop would be unable to open these tiff

    Any ideas on how to fix this problem would be
    appreciated. Thanks.

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    I may be way off on this, but is your scanning software saving the files as .tiff while photoshop saves them as .tif? Windows sees those as two distinct file types (I have no idea why). On my PC, which is running ME, photoshop is the default for both.


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      Just out of curiosity ..... are you flattening the image before you save it as a TIFF. If not, this might be your problem. Photoshop can save TIFF with layers in tact and a default browser through your operating system may not be able to decode the "unflattened" image.

      Just a thought!



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        There are many flavors of TIF. Their differences mean less as time goes on, but some software still requires a certain configuration. Different things that can vary from TIF to TIF are first bit information (Mac vs. PC), compression (not lossy, but can use LZW compression), layers, alpha channels, etc.

        If you save your TIF as a flattened file, no compression, and PC format it should be readable by just about anything.

        If you are still having problems, something else is wrong. You might try uninstalling and reinstalling the software that is giving you problems.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          I experienced the same problem recently trying to open some files for a friend on my computer. I found that the files I was trying to open had an extension of tiff instead of tif. I could not open then in Photoshop 6.01. I had to set up my computer so that Photoshop was the default for both type of files tif and tiff. I have no problems opening either type in Photoshop 6.01 now. Still do not know why it thought tif and tiff were two different type of files, unless it is the four letter extension .


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            I had an interesting problem last week in downloading images from a digital camera. I used ACDSee to download the images as I didn't want any profiling data in the raw image and saved these as .tif. In PS the images all looked fine. However, what I didn't realize was that the TIFFs were MAC format. When I brought them to work, I found that the reds and blues were swopped, and most packages would not read the files.

            What was interesting here is that at home, neither ACDSee nor PS were bothered by the difference between MAC and PC format of the TIFF files.


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              I set the tif. files to be opened by Photoshop. This did eliminate the error. BUT once Photoshop opened the file did not open automaticaly, I had to open it from within Photoshop ( this is OK with me ). In odrer to avoid problems best I not pass around any of my work in tif. format

              Thanks for the help people.



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