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    I'm getting ready to upload a huge batch of photos taken at my son's wedding recently. I've tweaked many of these snapshots with PS7.

    I have sRGB chosen as my color workspace.

    I've looked at several labs for printing namely Mpix, winkflash, and whcc and see that a couple of them are adamant that color profiles not be included with photo.

    My question is this. How can I quickly look at photo and see whether or not I embedded a color profile. If so how do I get rid of it.

    While I'm here , what are the opinions on fujicrystal paper vs kodak endura paper results????

    My inkjet printer has died so I can't even think about using it. And that of course is another question. I'm considering buying either Epson R340 or Canon PixmaiP5200 or 42oo or 6600
    Any opinions????

    I'm going to attach a screen shot of my working colorspace in PS7.Hmm when How do I do that????

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    Cinderella, you do not need to remove the profile because those printers will just ignore your profile when the file is processed. All of those systems have custom profiles but they are very similar to sRGB and all of the files they recv are treated as if they are sRGB. For future reference, you can determine what the embedded profile an image contains by setting your color management policies (Edit> Color Settings) and select Preserve Embedded Profile and check the boxes Ask When Opening. When you open a file you will get a msg if the embedded profile does not match your workspace or if the file does not contain an embedded profile.
    If your image is already open and you want to determone the profile, do Image>Convert to Profile and a dialog box will show you what profile is embedded.
    Regards, Murray


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      Thanks. I was dreading looking at 200 photos to see what profile is there.

      When i click on the manage attachment bar the screen flickers but there is no way for me to attach. I do have permission to attach a file.
      What am I doing wrong.


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        Cinderella, after you click Manage Attachments, a dialog window will appear. You click the Browse button and then navigate the directory to locate the file that you wish to upload. After you have located and selected the file, click the upload button. After about 1/2 minute the dialog window will appear indicating if your upload was successful, the file name and the size of the file. At that point you can click the Close This Window button and continue to type in your message or just hit the submit button. Please remember that the attachment size limit is 100KB. This usually means your actual file size needs to be under 80KB. Let us know if you have any difficulty.
        Regards, Murray


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          Unfortunately the dialog window does not appear.
          Maybe I need to lower my security level or allow pop ups. Think I will try these last 2.

          So there it is. Enable pop ups.

          Thanks for your help.


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            OOps, guess I didn't wait long enough. Nope file was too large. Will try again.
            Attached Files


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              That attachment worked. Your settings are good. Each time you open a file, you will not be shown any profile windows if that file is tagged with an sRGB profile. If ot is anything else, you will be offered the option to convert or to preserve the files embedded profile.
              Regards, Murray