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  • Printer/Paper Problems

    I had a few questions/problems wiht using a new photo printer i recently purchased. I got a Canon iP6700D ( I tried to do a few prints with the paper that came with the printer and the quality set on the highest for photos. Those came out great.

    Later i tried to use some other photo paper (HP) and some other that i cant remember the brand. On both of these by prints looked like the ink was blochy, almost had spots in the prints. I checked in my printer manual and it said to set the setting for "other photo paper" whenever i used non-canon paper so i tired that. Instead of being blotchy the prints now looked very soft (blurry) and the colors just didn't seem very deep (less contrast and saturation).

    So in the end my question is, is the problem with my printer, the way i have it set up, or the paper? I really hate to buy canon paper if i dont have too, as it's between 10-30 cents a sheet. Really if it costs that much i don't see how i save any money between that and ordering prints online. Thanks for any help.

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    None of my Epson printers work with HP papers. The ink forms dots or blotches on the surface. It appears as though that HP's paper coating will not absorb Epson ink. However there are a lot of other papers iut there that it will work with - Xerox, Kodak, Illford to name a few.You should just try some other types. Epson paper in inexpensive and there are a ton of types and sizes. You might want to try their Glossy Photo Paper or Premium Glossy, or Color Life (Matt Finish) and se what happens.
    Regards, Murray


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      I use a Canon printer with mostly Kodak or Illford paper without drama but it doesn't like HP paper


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        ok thanks, Ill have to try those papers. On a side note, would yall have any idea about how many pictures you can get from an ink cartridge? Of course for specialty work and stuff its nice to be able to print my own pictures, but just general use, it looks like it is cheaper to use some of the online developers...


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          Ink Cartridge Mileage

          The amount you can print is dependent on the area that needs to be covered on the print media as well as the color density. Darker colors require more ink, white requires no ink. For cost effectiveness there is usually a crossover point per print service. Typically the big box printers / photolabs charge about 25 cents for a 4x6. That usually is less than half of what it would cost you with your own ink and paper. Printing 5 x7 is probably closer to parity. When you get to 8 x 10 or higher, it is usually less expensive to print your own. This analysis is based on Epson printers I have using Epson orig cartridges.


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