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  • Want to Create a Photo Book?

    I have a web site you might want to try out, It's a publishing company where you can either send them your photos and they will turn them into digital photos or you can upload them and create a photo album book directly. Not a bad price and it wasn't too hard to create. I just received the book I made. Some of the photos are a little grainy, but overall pretty nice for the price ($29.95 + shipping). I did the 10 page minimum, but with layout options you can put several pictures on one page if you want and add borders and captions. The text control is pretty limited, but for basic captions and titles it does the job. You also get a nice hardbound linen book for the minimum price and $10 off on additional copies. Not a bad gift idea or even a nice way to display some of your own photos or creations. I am using mine for gifts, but seriously thinking about creating one for me of some of my photos.

    Has anyone else heard of any other sites that offer this service?


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    Hi T. Thanks for posting the info. Like you, Is think the gift idea might work pretty well. Anyone into genealogy would probably love something like that. Have you heard about them before? I always wonder about the quality of the processing, if it's a place I'm not familiar with.



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      I thought the quality was pretty decent. Some of my photos were a little grainy (but they were the lower resolution ones) and the text wasn't perfectly crisp like a laser printer, but it was still sharp and clear like an inkjet printer. The final quality is really going to depend on the resolution of the photos you upload. I cleaned up my photos in PhotoShop then saved them as 300dpi 5X7s jpgs. I also used some photos that had been sent to me on email so they were more of a stretch to get to 300 dpi.

      The site recommends scanning at 300 dpi for photos 3.5" x 5" and larger and at 400 dpi for photos smaller than that. In general, for Digital Cameras the recommended minimum image resolution is 600 x 800 (pixels). The standard image resolution is 1200 x 1600 for the best results on

      I heard of the site through a friend. He is a wonderful landscape photographer. He had created a book through an iMac company site similar to this, but had later found this web site. Since I have a PC it was the only option for me.

      I also wrote up a review for Doug to include in the Resource section for services if he sees fit.



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        Cool T. My girlfriend's daughter had to write a story and include drawings for a project in elementary school. They made books like this dealing with the life of a family member to give as gifts. I thought it was so neat. I don't know where they went to have it done.
        There are alot of possibilities for something like this. In our line of business you could submit before and after photos of some of the different restorations you've done with info on the process of each photo as a portfolio for customers to look through.


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          I think I've heard of something like this before too. Can't remember where though. I have seen one book that an adoptive mother did for her daughter telling the story of how she went to Viet Nam to pick up her daughter and where the stayed and what they did while they were there, plus the plane ride home and all of the relatives who met them at the airport. It was realy cute!

          DJ - good idea for a portfolio!



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