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  • TIFF Compression

    When saving a file as a TIFF what compression form should I use ZIP, JPEG or LZW or None?

    Many thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.


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    Re: TIFF Compression

    Avoid JPG. None is the best for compatibility. LZW is a good compromise between small filesize and speed. ZIP will give you the smallest files, but it might take awhile to save each time.
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      Re: TIFF Compression

      Thanks Doug. That helps.

      Sincerely Syd


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        Re: TIFF Compression

        I don't know if this will be a useful answer or not... I never have used compression on tiff files, it defeats the whole purpose of using that format for me. If I want the highest possible quality from a file format it will be either tiff or psd as neither of those are compressed formats. If I want smaller file sizes then I switch to jpeg.

        My $.02 CAD.


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          Re: TIFF Compression

          The compression of a TIFF file is not the same thing as the compression of a JPG.

          LZW compression of the TIFF file is lossless, much the same way as a ZIP (or RAR) file. The quality is exactly the same - just takes up less space on your drive.

          The only time that you don't use LZW is when there are compatability problems with the target application.


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