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  • Chromira printer

    In my research, I am finding wet process photo labs, using negs, who are offering b&w prints on Kodak Polycontrast Photo Paper, and Illford Multigrade Photo Paper. They also offer color prints on Fuji Crystal Archival Paper.

    Photolabs are also offering identically named papers used in a dry process generated with a digital file on a Chromira printer.

    As far as the consumer is concerned, you look at the back and see the name etched in the base - Kodak Polycontrast, or, Illford Multigrade or Fuji Crystal Archival Paper, and you have the idea that you have been sold a photographic print. How can both products really be equal? My guess is (based on price) the Chromira prints are inferior. Anyone care to weigh in? Gerry

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    Hey Gerry!

    There was a discussion in the Work/Jobs forum recently that touched on this topic a bit. You might go HERE if you're interested in reading what was said about it in that discussion.


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      thanks for the thread

      I liked the information you refered me to but I think you might be missing my point. How can Kodak, Illford and Fuji all be creating 2 photo paper products with the same name which have such different applications. Are they being misleading and deceptive? I think so.
      I am sure some lab technician somewhere can point to some tiny difference in the design on the back of the paper but really, how can there be 2 Kodak Polycontrast Papers, one for the darkroom and one for digital output? Same for Illford Multigrade, and for Fuji Crystal Archival? Gerry


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        According to the Chromira website:

        The Chromira printer is a new-technology LED printer which prints directly onto photographic papers and films.

        So it wouldn't be two types of paper.
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          Chromira Printer

          So do the finished prints come off the Chromira Printer or do the technicians then process the paper in there labs? (b&w or color) In other words, the printer doesn't have any chemistry? Sorry to be so dense, Gerry


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            It generates exposed prints which are processed elsewhere.
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              hmmm...never heard of a Chromira until now. It looks like it operates on the same principle as a Lightjet printer only a bit smaller (and probably cheaper!).


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                I don't think they are cheap. They expose the photo paper with an LED interface. And then the paper is taken off the Chromira in a caddy and processed in the lab using all the regular chemistry. There are a number of papers which can be used.
                I have just gotten back my first prints from digital files from this system and they look great. 400 dpi jpegs work. My friend just made prints at the same lab (Replicolor). He got prints of the same image made from the film and, off of the Chromira and there is a noticable lack of detail in the print from the digital file (about 10% less detail).
                His scanner could be a factor though. Gerry


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                  Re: Chromira printer

                  Hi everyone
                  Actually difference in price is due to the quality of prints. I have a chromira printer and I can tell you exactly how we compare quality of papers by their dmax and dmin values. On the boxes normal reflective paper Like Fuji, Mitsubishi kodak or konica they use to write Type 8 or Type 9 paper when we use densitometer on it thay provide 1.8 or 1.9 Dmax when we go for better quality they provide almost 2 Dmax and in mettalic we usually get 2.8~3 Dmax and in duratrans the Dmax is usually 3.4~4. and it all depends on paper quality and chemical process also.


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