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  • Scanning workflow

    I'm just being nosy, but perhaps others will find this enlightening. Could you share your specific scanning workflow? Settings, software, tricks, tips, etc.

    I use an Epson 3200 which I leave at 600ppi unless I'm scanning something very small (assuming we're talking photos here). I turn off all auto everything and scan from within Photoshop with the Epsonscan software. I leave it at RGB, and scan in the center of the flatbed (to avoid the inevitable light falloff on the edges). About the only actual builtin scanning function I use is crop, but that's just to the outside edges of the original. I then convert (not assign) to aRGB, save the file, and then save a working copy.
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    Re: Scanning workflow

    I use a Nikon 9000 dedicated film scanner or have it sent out for a drum scan.

    With the Nikon, I use Nikon's Color Match RGB which is my preferred workspace. ( I will then convert to straight ColorMatch within PS, but I don't think there is a difference other than the Nikon in the name). I will generally turn on Digital Ice on the normal setting. Make a curve adjustment to approximate the color I'm after and do the final tweaking in PS - generally a flat, open scan that I'm sure captures all the highlight and shadow detail of the negative/chrome. If it a particularly contrast image that I have trouble scanning, I will adjust the analog gain. I scan at maximum size (4,000 ppi). I will save a tif of the corrected scan and keep a copy of the raw scan generally also.
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      Re: Scanning workflow

      I work pretty much like Doug. Epson 3200 also. Default software. I generally scan at 300 ppi unless I need an enlargment seldom more unless I am scanning line art of someone's logo for dropping into InDesign, then I'll scan at 1200 ppi.

      I do make color adjustments in the scanner when necessary and also use descreen for printed or paper texture problems. I very rarely use the sharpen features in the scan software, preferring to do it in PS.


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        Re: Scanning workflow

        HP 3800.
        • From PS, import using default HP scanning software.
        • Select 16-bit (48 bit) colours.
        • Set crop area - including the photo's border if present.
        • Turn off all other adjustments.
        • Adjust black and white points, gamma if necessary (while monitoring the histogram).
        • Select ppi to give an output file size of 20 to 40 MB.

        In PS.
        • Straighten.
        • First colour adjust.
        • Change to 8-bit.
        • Crop / Resize.


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