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  • Using film scanner

    I have a K-M DiMAGE Dual IV scanner for film and slides. The software that comes with this scanner lets you make many kinds of adjustments to the image while it's in the scanner.

    I use PSE2 for editing my scanned images and I have Hidden Power of PSE2, which I'm working my way through.

    My question is, considering all the power of PSE2 and H-P, what is to be gained by adjusting the film while it's in the scanner?

    Can all the adjustments which need to be made to an image be done after it's scanned?

    Or, conversely, are there adjustments which can best be done in the scanner, and should be done in the scanner?

    There's a good-sized manual provided with the scanner, but, to be honest, a lot of it is over my head. On the other hand, I have Hidden Power, and Adobe's manual, and several other books on PSE2, which I find easier to follow.

    I will appreciate advice. Thanks.

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    Re: Using film scanner

    In my opinion, it makes more sense to do as much as possible during the scan. The scanner is acting like a digital camera at this point, and I think we all know how much of a pain it is to fix a badly taken photograph. On the other hand, someone who knows their camera well and takes a technically correct photograph creates an image that requires much less, sometimes no, additional work.

    If the scanner software seems too overwhelming, just focus on the basics that give a pleasing image. Get the gray balance correct, get a highlight with good detail and get a shadow with good detail. A balanced, full-range scan can go a long way to getting you something nice to work with in PS.

    My experience with making minor color tweaks and curve moves on the scanner tells me it is not worth it. PS is much better suited and you can take accurate readings with more control.



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