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Waterproofness (??) of inkjet inks

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  • Waterproofness (??) of inkjet inks

    On another thread, Heather (Lampy) mentions that ink jet inks are water soluble. This is the case with HP inks where the inks run from sweaty palms in contact with the print. However, I have just done an "experiment" with a print from my Epson 1200 (six color) printer. I had an A4 montage (on Epson photo quality paper) in my bag, together with a flask of juice, my lunch etc (yeah, I know that's stoopit), and somewhere on the way to work, my bag fell over, and the flask leaked onto my montage

    However, although there's a vague stain on the picture, and the paper has gone all wobbly, the inks did not run. I'll post a scan of it later in the week.

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    I've noticed my inks for the Epson 1270 also don't run (though my testing is no wheres near as comprehensive as yours).

    Perhaps it has something to do with dyes, as in Epson printers (most of them, anyway) which sink into the paper vs. pigments, as in HP printers, which sit on top of the paper.
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      That got me wondering how the Archival pigment inks for the Epson 2000 would fair. So I poured water on images printed on both the Archival matte paper and Premium luster paper to see if the image would run. They didn't. I even tried rubbing them off but they held fast. When I wiped the wet images with a white cloth, no ink was visible. The Archival matte paper got saturated but the Premium luster paper seemed to repel the water.


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        Thanks DJ - I was wondering how the Epson pigmented inks would test.


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          I'm running the Epson Photo 870, and I just wet an area of black text on HP multipurpose paper. The black ink did smear. I haven't tried it with a print as yet.



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            Pretty drastic tests DJ. I hope the printouts were flops

            Yip Ed, I've also found that Epson inks work best with Espon papers. No cheap workaround there.


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              FYI for anyone who has HP inkjets. I have an 810 which is related to the 720 series also, I know cause I helped in the development in '96. I was the first in a new, low end with ergonomic design but good printing abilities.
              The thing is these don't have water resistant ink or long lasting, IMHO.
              I know someone with an Epson and they say it is water resistant.

              I called HP on this and the man said" if you keep them in a special envolope in the dark, they'll be fine"
              Thing is, who wants to do that. I like to display my prints.



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                They were my old test prints. Most of the time when I have prints 5x7 and up in size, I will print a small version of it for color checking and any other boo boos. I can fit several on one sheet so I will reuse the sheets until I fill them up. Saves alot of wasted ink and paper that way.


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                  I will print a small version of it for color checking and any other boo boos. I can fit several on one sheet so I will reuse the sheets until I fill them up. Saves alot of wasted ink and paper that way.
                  Interesting DJ. I use exactly the same technique. Great minds...??


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