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Do u lose quality when scanning ??

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  • Do u lose quality when scanning ??


    I'm about to scan in over 100 images that are about 50 years old and i had a person tell me that i may lose quality when scanning the images and that some of the photos may lose the whole image because of the paper its been printed on.

    Now before i start scanning i would like to know if its true or false because if there’s a chance of losing the image i dont really want to scan them..

    i hope someone can help with my question


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    Re: Do u lose quality when scanning ??

    The quality of the scan depends on the quality of the scanner. What kind of scanner do you have? You need something with a very good Dmax. Over 3.0 is good, over 4.0 is excellent. Dmax refers (loosely) to the depth of shadow the scanner can capture.

    As for "losing the whole image", I'm not sure what that means. I've certainly dealt with some photos that were so old that they were literally falling apart in my hands. The simple act of turning them upside down to put on the scan bed caused them some damage. I just had to be as careful as possible, and trust that once I had the scan, I could save it, no matter what happened when I picked it up again.


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      Re: Do u lose quality when scanning ??

      well i think im going to do the scanning on a canon 3200.

      And when i mean lose the image imean that once u scan the image it makes the photo go white and the image is lost, and the images im scanning are in very good condition but i dont want to lose any.


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        Re: Do u lose quality when scanning ??

        Do you mean that the bright light of the scanner fades the photo? Gee, you'd have to be damned unlucky. I've done a lot of scanning, and I've never ever heard of that happening.


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          Re: Do u lose quality when scanning ??

          yeah thats what i ment about the bright light. I hadn't head of it happening either but when this dude told me it could happen, I kinda freaked out but its good to hear that u have done heaps of scanning and its never happened to u.. i feel a better for knowing that


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