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  • Color Calibration

    Hi all

    Does anyone have any expertise in calibrating their monitor color/brightness to an output device. Specifically I'm interested in output to Ofoto's printing process.

    Currently I have to adjust color and brightness by eye according to what I've noticed the differences to be when I get prints back but it's not an exact science and results in reprints occationally.

    Maybe I'm just picky but I like to get my restored photos to look as close to the original as possible (the first time). I'm sure there are others out there with this same problem.

    Help is appreciated! Thanks,


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    Hi Heather!

    Color calibration is definitely not an exact science! This is such a broad and often confusing topic, but the best advice I can give is to make sure you at least calibrate your monitor using a utility like Adobe Gamma.

    Second, since you use an online printer, it would be a good idea to find out if they have any preferences as far as what color space to use. I could not find much info as far as color matching on the Ofoto site, so you might need to email them.

    Lastly, there are several good, informative threads on this site where you can find lots of excellent info on calibration.

    monitor callibration

    more callibration...

    I'm probably leaving out some...but also try the Adobe website and this site has some good info. I'm sure there are lots more!

    Hope that helps a little.


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      Thanks for the links. I've checked them out. I have to say I've used Adobe Gamma many times and it's really a subjective thing that can have different results each time it is used.

      I will see about e-mailing Ofoto regarding color calibration and see what they say. My personal experience with their customer service/help has not been good. They are slow to respond and not overly helpful....but maybe I'll get lucky this time! I have a feeling some information from them is going to be essential to straightening out my problem.

      It's too bad calibration has to be so complicated but there are just too many devices and too many brands out there with a different way of seeing (outputing or recording) color.

      Lots to learn.....



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        Ofoto color

        I just looked at the FAQs on Ofoto and came up with this....

        We print in RGB. Ofoto recommends BruceRGB for editing:

        red xy =0.6400 0.3300
        green xy= 0.2800 0.6500
        blue xy=0.1500 0.0600

        You may change these settings by going to the File menu, down to Color Settings, and choosing RGB Setup. Once you've set the Whitepoint and Gamma, go to the Primaries pull-down and select Custom. This will bring up a pop-up that will allow you to change the red xy, green xy, and blue xy.



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          I totally agree about Adobe Gamma. I think the most subjective part, is the initial contrast setting (monitor blackpoint).

          Here is another site with some good info. It's a bit on the technical side, but has some good tips for setting gamma, etc...

          by the way, are you currently using a Mac or PC?

          - Greg


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            I'm using a PC. Doesn't the Mac have a pretty good color calibration system? My husband is a MAC user and this is what he tells me.

            At some point in the past I attempted to set up my monitor to calibrate to my local photo lab's system. They gave me a print and a digital copy. I was to make adjustments by comparing the two and changing the monitor settings. I gave it a shot and it totally messed up my colors! The attempts I made to correct it (running Adobe Gamma) attempting to revert back to previous settings and so on didn't work. As a result I've never found just the right settings for my monitor.

            Fustrating to say the least!

            I'll have a look at the site, thanks!



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