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a few canvas printing questions

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  • a few canvas printing questions

    just wanting to mess around really
    total newbie
    can you use any printer to print on canvas (i have a epson r265)
    what tools do you need
    where can i buy the canvas etc from (i live in the uk)
    is there any advice websites etc you can give

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    Re: a few canvas printing questions

    total newbie just wanting to mess around really
    All of are newbies at something.

    can you use any printer to print on canvas
    No. For the ones that are not able to print on canvas it is usually a "paper path" or "paper thickness" issue. Canvas for inkjet printers is "thick" and "rigid" compared to photo paper.

    Some printers are not designed to accomodate paper as thick as canvas.

    Many printers have a curved, 180 degree paper path where the paper feeds into the printer one direction, goes around a roller mechanism and comes out the opposite direction. Not all will be able to bend canvas.

    From what I've seen and read canvas and other stiff fine art type papers are best suited for printers with a straight path paper feed.

    i have a epson r265
    Epson makes canvas for inkject printers. If the specifications for your printer mention Epson canvas, you're good to go.

    what tools do you need
    For printing or framing?

    where can i buy the canvas etc from (i live in the uk) is there any advice websites etc you can give
    Sending canvas print jobs to a commercial printer makes more sense for me than doing them at home. (My HP 8450 photo printer does no do canvas.)

    Since I am in the U.S., I don't have any UK sites to recommend. In the U.S. I have had good results with print-on-canvas services at

    Does any of this help?


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      Re: a few canvas printing questions

      thanks for the reply m8 some useful info there
      ill keep looking into it a bit more but it looks like a no no with my printer


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