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PremierArt Canvas - Does it have to be stretched?

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  • PremierArt Canvas - Does it have to be stretched?

    I'm looking at using PremierArt's Water Resistant Canvas (for Epson printer using an R2400) and I'm wondering anyone can help me? Does the canvas *have* to be stretched post-printing, or can it just be framed as a flat print behind glass? I would love to use this paper (love the texture and image quality) but I have no experience with stretching canvas and would rather frame flat behind glass rather than exposed in a shadow box type frame.
    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Re: PremierArt Canvas - Does it have to be stretch

    "Stretching" over stretcher bars is simply a form of display. (It's more like "pulled tight, edges/corners folded over and stapled" on the wood frame vs. significantly stretched.) So, "No, ya don't have to stretch canvas."

    FYI: For future reference...

    When crafting/printing art intended for gallery wrap one needs to take into account an extra 1"-2" of canvas on each edge needed to accomodate the "stretching" (wrapping). For example for a 16" x 20" gallery wrap, the printed canvas would need to be 18" x 22" (assuming a 1" edge on each side).

    Anyway, several pieces of art that I have created ended up mounted behind glass in traditional frames - some wooden, a couple metal in fact. They look great if I do say so myself.

    So go for it. You're the artist. You get to decide!

    Good luck on your project.


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      Re: PremierArt Canvas - Does it have to be stretch

      Thanks a lot Danny! That's great news!
      I really like the "gallery wrap" look, but the the timeline/deadline I'm working under, not sure if it's going to be possible for the 1st printing.
      But, knowing that I can still use the paper without *having* to stretch is excellent news!
      Thanks again,