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Making a greyscale

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  • Making a greyscale

    Hi all,

    I'd like to attach a greyscale with 21 levels to the bottom of my inkjet printed images to be able to see if I have any colour casts within the print. In short, what Dean Collins advocates doing (but I lost his notes!). If I remeber right, he used 21 levels from black without detail to white without detail, all with smooth transitions in between. Hope this makes sense?


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    Hi Craig, welcome to RetouchPro! This thread might help you out.


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      I do belive that's exactly what I was after (nust have stuffed up the search!?!)

      Thanks a bunch.


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        Welcome to Retouch Pro Craig. I was all set to lend a helping hand but I see Greg pointed you in the right direction. Let us know if that helps when printing. I'm curious since I never tried that before.


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          No problem...some of the threads can be hard to find. Let us know how it works!


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