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Inkjets and Home Made Paper: What do you think?

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  • Inkjets and Home Made Paper: What do you think?

    Thread moved with Jeanie's approval from Photo-Based Art to Input/Output forum to (hopefully) reach a larger audience. - DannyR]

    OK - this is a totally theoretical question, since I've never actually made paper (though I'm interested in trying someday) and I don't have a decent printer to try this with. But... I'm curious if anyone has ever tried printing an image on homemade paper with their inkjet? I realize there are some specialty art papers made specifically for inkjets that have a rough surface, etc., but it seems like homemade paper would make digital art unique for each printing. Of course, there's the whole (BIG) question of calibrating the ink & paper to match what's on the screen, so my idea might not even be feasible if each sheet is different.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this - and if so, what the results were?

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    That's quite a thought Jeanie. No, I haven't tried it. Another thing you might want to consider is the keeping abilities.



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      Jeanie - There are several artists who have experimented with all sorts of papers and materials. comes to mind. In this section of that site, the artists talk about how they created individual images...they go into some details about paper types, coatings used, etc... It might give you a few ideas.

      I believe there is an inkjet coating you can buy to make certain papers more receptive to inkjet...but the name of the product escapes me! I once attempted to print to rice paper but never could get the paper to go through my printer properly. Thicker sheets of handmade watercolor paper work fine but they have a tendency to REALLY absorb ink...hence the need for some sort of coating. Let me know if you do any experimenting!


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        Ed - yes, archival attributes are another concern.

        BUT - it's nice to know some people are experimenting. Thanks for that link Greg! I'll go check it out. It's not like I have time to do any experimenting right now, but it just seems like it could be really interesting. If you happen to remember the name of that inkjet paper coating, I'd be interested.



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          Greg - that is a fascinating site!! Wow - talk about creativity in combining traditional and digital art! I don't think I'm even up to trying what these artists have accomplished, but if you're looking for people who think "outside the box" - these artists have done that and more!



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            Because Epson paper is exhorbitantly expensive down here, I tried some of the better quality locally made coated papers. These papers (as Greg also found) just sucked up the ink. What was even more interesting was that the different colours were absorbed to different degrees, leaving one with a green image.

            I'd really love to know what that coating is if you ever remember it Greg. (If I ever got some, I'd even try to reverse engineer it to find what it contains )


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              Al, Jeanie- I am going to go through some old notes and links to see if I can discover the name of that product. It is, more than likely, just a repackaged acrylic medium of some sort. You might even consider going down to a local art supply store and getting a small jar of acrylic medium or Gesso...just thin with water and paint onto the paper. Ideally it will seal the paper just enough to lessen the absorption of ink...results may vary!

              Another thing is to try and sample as many types of paper as possible. Some art supply stores will sell you inexpensive packets with all sorts of different papers. It's hard to say which ones will work with inkjet but there can be huge differences in art paper.

              Some of those kaleidoscope and watercolor images you have all been doing would look fantastic on a really nice, handmade paper!

              Jeanie - Glad you liked that site! That is the kind of stuff I would like to be doing within the next few years. My training is in traditional printmaking (etching, lithography, etc..) and I love the thought of finding ways to combine digital with it. Right now it's fun just to send my work off to a Giclee printer, but I would love to have my own studio to play around in! Once that new Epson printer shows up, I'll at least be able to start experimenting with strange papers. Now if only I can find a gallery willing to display my stuff...


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                Greg - good luck with your vision. Sounds really, really cool - and definitely cutting edge!



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