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Watermarking in PS Elements 6

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  • Watermarking in PS Elements 6

    Is it possible to apply a watermark in PS Elements 6 (Mac)?

    If so, how about batch watermarking?

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    Re: Watermarking in PS Elements 6

    Go to this link


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      Re: Watermarking in PS Elements 6

      Thanks! This is very easy. When I went to Elements Help and typed "Watermarking" it was no help at all. I wonder why they don't explain this in Help?

      By any chance do you know the keyboard shortcut for the Copyright symbol?


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        Re: Watermarking in PS Elements 6

        © = ALT + 0169 on the numeric keypad. On a laptop you'll have to also hold the FN key and type ALT + MJO9 (letter O).



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