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5% tone the lightest?

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  • 5% tone the lightest?

    Hello all,

    Im asking around to see what other people do, I've heard that 5% tone is the minimum press will recognise, what does everyone else use?

    Basically Im trying to get the lightest possible tone without having to use white

    Also a couple of questions:
    Is the 5% tone the total across the 4 plates, (i.e C=1% M=1% Y=1% K=2%)

    Or is it 5% across all plates?


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    Re: 5% tone the lightest?

    i've always had 3% minimum on just about all presses i printed with, but that's a question for your production person, or press, and it's 5% total, not 5% per plate.


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      Re: 5% tone the lightest?

      Cyan 3%, Magenta 2%, Yellow 2%, Black 0% is pretty much standard for most applications and paper stocks.

      5% was the minimum dot that a gravure press could hold, but that was years ago and has probably changed.


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        Re: 5% tone the lightest?

        Thanks to both,

        It would be too easy to ask the printer but as these images will be downloaded by various people and each using a different printer I wanted to be sure of a standard minimum.

        Looks like 5% it is,

        Thanks again


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          Re: 5% tone the lightest?

          Forgot to ask, if I did want to ask a local printer for their minimum printing tone, what should term should I use, i.e is there a standard description that everyone uses?


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            Re: 5% tone the lightest?

            You say..."Hey Mr. Printer. What highlight dot can you hold?"

            Now "spectral" highlights are different. (Like sparkles in glass or shine on cars, etc.) They should be paper white. A "minimum dot" there will look dirty.

            If everybody punches a 3/2/2 highlight in their whites, you should be safe.

            Good luck.


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