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RGB levels in PS (from scanner)

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  • RGB levels in PS (from scanner)

    Sorry, I don't know if it's the right place to post...
    Maybe software would be better appropriated (I can't change the initial place)

    When I scan a picture my levels look really bad ( I tried to improve them by using the level for each color. But the result is poor too! It looks flat but it sounds like many details are missing in each color... Do I need to scan my picture again, or is it worth trying to play with Photoshop levels (even if the original levels are crap) ? Thx
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    Levels won't change the quality of your scan. In fact, all levels can do is destroy data (it throws out data from both ends to make room for the middle to spread out). It can make it look better, but you can't tell that from the histogram.

    Nothing wrong with that histogram that I can see, other than the highlights being a bit blocked up. Try scanning with zero adjustments of any kind from your scanner or photoshop.
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      Any chance you can attach a copy of the actual image you're having trouble with? Like Doug, I can't really see much wrong with the histogram. But, if I could see the image, I might be able to give better advice.

      Off the top of my head, if it's flat, it might need more contrast. Try an "S-curve" in Curves.



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        It's hard to judge without seeing the image...but your best bet is to try and increase contrast as Jeanie suggested or use your scanning software to obtain a better scan.