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newbie needing help on printing.

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  • newbie needing help on printing.

    I am sure this is easy to do but i cant find the method yet. All i want to do is print several different photos on one A4 sheet.Please help.

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    Hey Stu:

    WELCOME to RetouchPRO.

    I've personally not used either of the following functions, but you might check out...


    Looks like this allows you to
    a) specify the size of the output document (input the A4 dimensions)
    b) specify the folder where the source images live a couple other items.

    If you're looking for a way to print various sizes of the same image on a single sheet, e.g., 5x7s + 3x5s, etc. investigate:


    Looks like there several output combinations available, but under PS 5.5 at least, looks like the function is setup for 8.5"x11" only. It would probably work on A4 paper, but lots of white space around the margins.

    Hope this helps.



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      Hi Stu, welcome to ReTouch Pro.

      There are many ways to print more than one picture on a sheet depending on what result you are expecting. I use a Mac and PhotoShop 6 but this should also work in Windows.

      The simplest way is to set up the first picture to print in one corner of the paper and print it, then set up the next picture to print in another corner and feed the sheet back in again and so on.

      If you want like a contact sheet of all the pictures in a folder, you could use the function called Contact Sheet. It's uner the File menu, Automate - Contact sheet. It will ask you what folder you want and after you point to the folder, it will do it's thing and create contact sheets of all the pictures in that folder.

      If your aim is to artfully arrange several pictures on a page like a collage, open a new document in PhotoShop - make it the size of an A4 sheet. Then open the pictures you want in the collage and drag them to the new A4 sheet and arrange them how you want them.

      I don't know of any way to automatically place more than one picture on a printout.

      Hope this helps,


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        Thanks for the tips

        I have tried out the printing tips and they are just what i needed, thanks for the help


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          Printing multiple images on one sheet

          If you do pass a single sheet through the printer several times
          to achieve what you want, just be aware that a freshly printed image may be damaged by the movement of the printer head or rollers unless it's totally dry.


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