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  • Custom Print source?

    My daughter came home from work with an old photo. It's a picture of her friend's father, and it was made in 1943. Here's the problem: It is 10 X 16 inches, it's printed on a paper that kind of resembles canvas, it's mounted on thin but durable cardboard type stock, and the image is rounded at the top. The photo sits into a frame that has bubble type (convex) glass. Although I didn't see the frame, I assume it's in good condition. I don't think I'll have much trouble doing a restoration on the image, but where can I have a print made (and drymounted) to fit the frame? I could probably open an account at Burrell Color, but it would seem like a waste of their time, and mine, since I'll probably not be using their services much at all.


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    I've had 2 of those type jobs and had to scan them in several sections and peice them together. But as for printing them to be oval and convex to fit in that rounded glass frame, I have no idea. I'm not even sure how they did that to begin with. I was curious about it though.


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      old oval photo

      We have some of those old oval photos in convex glass frames. Only the glass is curved--the photo is a regular flat one.

      Since your photo is only 10 by 16 you can print it on 11 by 17 paper easily. If you don't have a printer that will do this, any local print shop can do it for you. To have it mounted and re-framed, take the print to a framing department in an art studio at the mall, or Michael's or other craft store, or anywhere they do custom framing. They will do the mounting etc. and put it into the frame and all you will do then is hang it on the wall!



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        I had to scan this one in two sections too. The photo itself is flat. Only the glass is convex. I was thinking of a traditional print, but if I don't find a source, I'll probably check out a print shop. Thanks very much for the replies.



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