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Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD.

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  • Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD.

    Hi, first off. Thanks to anyone who reads this and double thanks to those who reply....... I've been on this mission for about 4 days and 'm getting a few things sorted...

    This is the scenario....

    I take a shot or two (RAW)... (or 500), injest via bridge and rate and select certain of the resulting CR2 files (or DNG).

    1) I work on the selected RAW files (doing recovery maybe colour balance in ACR) save the XMP files and open in PS

    2) I do the necessary sharpening and artistic adjustments, Copyright notices and watermarking. (I have an action which creates all the watermarks (3 types))

    So I have a working PSD file by this point.

    I can use Scripts>Image Processor and set "Use Open Images", "Save in Same Location", "Save as PSD" and not run and action in order to save these in a folder structure to how they are organised within the photo project.

    So I now have PSD's with multiple layers, all saved.

    Now the problem....

    I need to have several outputs from these PSD files of different format (TIFF/JPEG), differnet sizes (original, 1024, 600, 110), with different Layers hidden or shown and save at different quality settings. I also want to be able to change the file naming and utilitse batch naming such as *filename*_1024_WM.JPG

    Obviously I want to be able to set up to batch automate as much of this as possible.

    Reasons for this are, If i do band photogrphy, the venue want a copy, the bands want one for their facebook or myspace pages (with a watermark to protect them from web site rights grabbing).. A print house may want an unlayered TIFF at 200... I will want a 110 thumbnail and a 600 PX version to give customers for their own websites, which wil have course have a copyright logo on it.

    The formats are

    1) Print Production Version.
    File Type. Unlayered TIFF,
    File Size. Original image dimensions,
    File DPI. 300DPI.
    Protection:Watermarked with small copyright notices

    2) Digital Production Version.
    File Type. Jpeg - Maximum Quality.
    File Size. Original image dimensions,
    File DPI. 72DPI
    Protection:Watermarked with small copyright notices

    3) Safe Distribution Version (for non-commercial promotion)
    File Type. Jpeg - Quality 8
    File Size. No more than 480 pixels height or width,
    File DPI. 72 DPI,
    Protection:Watermarked with a 25 pixel bordered copyright notice to prevent theft by cropping. Not to be uploaded to Social Networking sites that image rights grab.

    4) Image Promotion Version.
    File Type. JPeg - Maximum Quality
    File Size. No more than 2000 pixels height or width.
    File DPI. 72 DPI
    Protection:Very heavily watermarked with copyright and ownership notice.

    5) Social Networking Site Version.
    File Type. JPeg - Maximum Quality
    File Size. No more than 600 pixels height or width.
    File DPI. 72 DPI
    Protection:Artistically watermarked for social networking sites that rights grab, giving rights of this special artistic watermarked image to the social networking site with warnings about theft of it thereafter. Offering a way of gaining use of the original unwatermarked image and stating rights ownership of the original image lies with the photographer. (just mail me and I can send you the action. it works for portrait and landscape images)

    The problem is when I try to automate this, the PSD gets lost after the first one. (needs to be reloaded). It may not be a problem for the first three formats as the first two are the same (just requiring to be saved in different formats and DPI) and the third can be made from the maximum quality JPEG of the second format and resized down. Thats when it goes wrong...

    Is there a way of keeping th ePSD in RAM and having it savedin each of these formats.

    and the other thing is the last four formats will save in a JPEG folder each time, effectively over-writing previous versions.


    1) Is there a way of automating the saving process to put them in named folders under the PSD folder and
    2) Is there a way of having something added to the name eg...

    Thanks in advance

    Keith Trigwell

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    Re: Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD

    That's a highly detailed request - there is a way to do everything except the file naming. You need to output them into labeled folders, and then use a renaming utility to batch rename them.

    You need to use Layer Comps for the different states visible states of the image. Provided the layer structure is the same in each file you can automate the creation of these layer comps and the saving as layered PSD's into the folders. Its simple just record the steps. The only way to learn Actions is to just do it, then you will learn its intricacies. Nearly everything is recordable, including history snapshots, and Fit Image (for resampling).

    The problem you are having is that you have to record Open and Save steps in the Action, and then experiment with "override Action Open Commands"


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      Re: Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD


      I'd never used layer comps until you just put me on to them. I have now created actions that create the 4 layer comps I need.

      A. Production Version (type 1 and 2)
      B. Safe Distrivution Versions (type 3)
      C. Image Promotion Version (type 4)
      D. Social Networking Version (type 5)

      The question is how do i include different sizes in these layer cops (if I can that is) and how do I label folders in the save as process.


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        Re: Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD

        You Can't, the Layer comps are the first step only.
        Second step is making a history snapshot.
        Third step, choosing a layer comp
        Fourth step flattening.
        Fifth resampling (fit image).
        Sixth Step, Save - your various images
        Seventh step, Back to your snapshot you made
        Repeat steps 3 to 7. Steps 3, 4 and 5 vary on each repeat (the layer comp, resampling dimensions, and "Save As" are different each time)
        Last edited by Markzebra; 04-14-2009, 08:09 AM.


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          Re: Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD

          Thanks Markzebra. This has been extremely useful

          Taking on fromt he layer comps I have created the numerous history snapshops where

          a) visible layers
          b) DPI and
          c) image sizes

          are set.

          This produces the following history snapshops for output

          1) Production Output 300DPI (obviously for print)
          2) Production Output 72DPI (for digital collateral)
          3) Limited use item. Border watermarked. 440 pixels wide, 72 DPI (For free useage)
          4) Social Network Version. Rights grab warning watermark. 440 pixels wide, 72 DPI
          5) Proof Output. "Proof Only" watermark. 1500 pixels wide. 72 DPI

          The intention is that it now saves

          1) itself as a working PSD
          2) The production for print version as an unlayered TIFF
          3) The Production for digital collateral as a 12 quality Jpeg.
          4) The Limited use item as an 8 quality Jpeg
          5) Social Network Version as an 10 quality Jpeg
          6) Proof Output as a12 quality jpeg.

          Obviously I can set up the action to switch between history snapshops and save each time. This puts the PSD, the Print TIFF and the high quality production JPeg together in the same folder as the original RAW File. This is not a problem

          However the subsequent save, (eg. the limited use distribution image with the border watermark) overwrites the high quality production JPeg and the Social Network Version overwrites that and finally the social network version is overwritten by the Prrofing version.

          This is obviously because they are all Jpegs. Is there no way of automating a name edit without using that Batch Process command (which wont work in an editable way if run from an action.)


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            Re: Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD

            No you have to specify different LOCATIONS for your save steps. That means you create one folder to hold your Production jpegs, one for your Limited Use…and so on. In the action Save steps you record saving the file into the correct folders.

            Batch processing them should work, you choose your action in the batch dialog which does everything including the history snapshots, layer comps and saving. Renaming the files in the folders can be done with any freeware renaming utility - or from within Bridge

            For your interest you can also run batching from Bridge, or create a droplet which by dragging files onto the droplet, which will automatically output the file into the correct folders.


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              Re: Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD

              I have nothing special to add, everything is pretty much covered here. I just want to say that it gave me good vibes to see this much FW users in one place.

              Bulk Rename


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                Re: Batch Automation. Multiple files from same PSD

                Hey Keith,

                I have pretty much the same jpeg overwriting problem you have. I'm trying to save two different jpegs to two paths that are relative to the PSD being opened.

                As I read your post I was talking with a friend of mine who's pretty pro at the crunchy bits of photoshop and he says there's no way to do what we want with actions and batch processes. (Unless you do what Markzebra was describing, which is to save all the images of the same type to the same non-relative folder on your computer i.e, C:\AllMyPhotos\SocialMediaPics\*.jpg)

                My friend did say that what we're asking for is possible by running actions via javascript. That's a bit more than I have time for today, but there's a good chance I'll be looking into that later this month. If you're still interested, leave a post here and I'll update you when I know more.


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