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Input to reduce grain.

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  • Input to reduce grain.

    Hi everyone. I have a question...
    Does anybody know what are the best flatbed scanner settings or techniques to reduce grain?
    Or any other technique that would give me a digital file that reduces the appearance of the grain from the original photo?
    Thanks in advance.

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    First off, do NOT sharpen anything with the scanner software. That will accentuate the grain.

    As far as reducing the grain, I've had good luck with Neat Image. It takes a little experimenting before you learn not to overdo it, but it has really helped some of the old photos I've been working on lately. I've attached a before/after example of one that I've been working on this morning so you can see what it is able to do. I didn't want to completely remove the grain in this photo because it would have removed some of the fine detail as well. But, I think it helped immensely. (Please realize that this is just a before/after of Neat Image - not a finished version of the photo just yet.)

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      i've been using Neat Image as well. So far I'm happy with the results. You can configure it, but I havn't gotten that far yet.
      I've also been experimenting with the demo of Image Doctor from Alien Skin. I'll know more soon, but it looks like this one will be a keeper.


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        Jeanie's suggestion of not using the scanner's unsharp mask is an excellent one. Most scanning software seems to have this as the default and it allows you no control over sharpening. Leaving this option unchecked and using Photoshop's unsharp mask feature can make all the difference.


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          Try this link to further links,

          Stephen Marsh.


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            Thanks for all your replies

            Thank you for all of your good replies. After I posted this message I found some good info pertaining to this subject in the critique help area. All of your input has helped immensely. I plan to be participating in some of the challenges soon and posting some of my work. This is a great place to learn!