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Why resolution reduced?

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  • Why resolution reduced?

    Hi, perhaps someone can explain to me what the heck happened.

    I scanned an image at 300 ppi

    and was working on that image without resampling it or anything like that. I didn't even crop it.

    When was about to save it, I looked at the resolution, and to my surprise, it was 72. Dimesion size was unchanged! Just the resolution part reduced to 72.

    I don't know what made it go down.

    If you know what it is, please share it with me.

    I use PS-7.0

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    I've never heard of that happening on it's own. Did it only happen with this one image? Can you reproduce the same results with other images? OR try scanning that image again at 300 and bring it up in PS and see what the res size is. It doesn't make sense to me why that would happen and not affect the image dimensions as well. Unless there's some opiton I'm unaware of that is selected to reduce your images to web size. Sounds strange.


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      That's what I am saying.

      If you change resolution, everything else has to change as well!
      Not that I change anything. It is really weird.

      THere's another picture like that. THe thing is that I already invested my time in it and to rescan it means tos tart from scratch, and I am not doing it. Oh, the original scan is 300 dpi. I checked that. I saved in TIF format. PSD file that I was working on at some point became 72 dpi. That's a riddle to me.



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        I can sure sympathize with your hard work being reduced to a useless size. That's a real kick in the head.

        I wish I could help you solve this one but to tell you the truth I've never heard of this happening before. Hopefully others reading this thread will have more knowledge of the topic than I can give. All I can think of is hidden in some step you took during the restoration process was a command to resize that image. I'm not saying you were aware of it but some how some option was in there that instructed the size to change. That's why I thought if you could retrace your steps with the image it might help. I didn't realize you had done so much work on it.


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          You know, what the tricky part is?

          Dimensions are unchanged... So my work is still fine.

          Perhaps it is a glitch with Photoshop that it shows that number incorrectly?

          Anyhew, it seems my image did not suffer. Since the dimensions read 1660x2731 it should be enough to print out 8x10... I at least I think so.


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            Hmmm So maybe some filter or step in the process just changed the resolution and size numbers rather than the actual dimensions and res of the image. Interesting. Well, it's a relief I'm sure for you since you put so much work into it. I'm happy for you as well. If you ever figure this out, let us know so we can understand what's going on if anyone in the future has this trouble.


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              I tried to open the original image that was 300dpi

              I did EXTRACT command. I was not percise in hilighting and filling what I want. Just hilighted some part of it. After it was processed, the resolution dropped to 72

              Weird. And I would say THAT"S IT! This is Extract Command! But NO! The other image that has the same problem was not touched by Extract Cmmand at al. SO it makes me believe that there's something else in there that plays tricks.

              I wonder if that image would read the same thing on someone else's coputer.


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                That's an interesting thought. Or even try it out in another image processing application if you have one. Such as your scanner application for example.


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                  What are the dimensions of your original? A 1660x2731 scan at 72ppi would mean an original size of 23x38 inches.

                  Sounds like there is some weirdness going on, but no data loss.

                  You can turn off "resample image" in your image size dialog and enter any ppi figure you'd like. Nothing will change in the actual image data.

                  I'd check your scanning software, it might be doing the same thing only opposite.
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                    I figured out why dimensions are unchanged but resolution is not!
                    I still don't know why it happened thoguh.

                    If you go to IMAGE then IMAGE SIZE, you will see a portion of the dialog box DOCUMENT SIZE. Right below it there are 2 check-boxes. If you uncheck RESAMPLE, you can put any resolution to change Printing Size, that operation will NOT change your physical dimensions BUT only the dimensions of the PRINTED output.

                    Well, I got that figured out... but WHAT made it change in my case?


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                      Oh, I pressed on reply and then the phone rang and I couldn't put my reply... then when I did, you guys had posted something already...




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                        The original scan was at 300 ppi and scaling 150%

                        to make things clear :-)