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color depth 32bit or 36bit is the best

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  • color depth 32bit or 36bit is the best

    Hi everyone:
    It's been a long time for me to send a thread, but I've been reading most of the threads, anyway, I've tried every thing to improve my printout but still I'm not satisfied with the result, I'm always looking for something to match the real photo, but the result is not that much matching, and now I started to thing would it be good idea to use computer with 36bit the depth of the colors, the one I'm using now is 32bit, my printer is epson photo 890 and I am using primume plossy paper which I am very happy with it. thanks to everyone

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    Actually 32 bit should be fine for any digital imaging...Come to think of it, I don't think anyone makes video cards that display 36 bit scanners are another matter.


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      thank you G. Couch for your reply but still I am waiting for another idea, any how I forget to mention that I find the level layer is very good in improving the image contrast but I am finding it affecting badly the look for the hair in the printout, it makes it darker and in the print out the photo loose the deatails of some parts like the hair and eyes become darker, loosing it's nice softness, so do we have to do levels for these parts or leave it as the originals, for more normal result in the printout. thank you


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        Bit depth won't affect your color matching. I'd suggest doing a good calibration of monitor and printer, perhaps with software like Monaco.

        At very least you should be using Adobe Gamma for your monitor and the appropriate ICC profile for your printer.
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          Thanks D. Nelson for your reply, but for calib. the monitor I followed the instr. in the link, for printing but still I am not satisfied, the thing that I am start wondering mey be I am not using well is the level layer, do you use it for every scaned photo or it depend