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Recommendation for print lab for b&w?

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  • Recommendation for print lab for b&w?

    Can anyone recommend a photo lab that can print good quality grayscale photos (photographic process, not inkjet)?

    A store around Atlanta, GA would be ideal but other locations or an online lab is ok as well. All the mainstream online photo processing sites (OFoto etc) only print on color-paper and the grayscale prints I have gotten that way are not very impressive.


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    Hi Claus,

    I guess I didn't welcome you to the site. So here it is....WELCOME ABOARD!!

    In a place the size of Atlanta, you should be able to use the yellow pages to find a photo finishing lab that caters to professionals. Professional labs are likely to do B&W, and they will probably do pretty good work as well. You didn't mention if you would be supplying a digital file to work from or not. If you will, you should make sure the lab is set up for that kind of work. Many labs will allow you to take a look at their facilities, and that wouldn't be a bad idea, especially if you have any knowledge about the workings of a lab. Hope this at least gave you some food for thought.



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      Claus - I could not find any info on labs in Georgia but I did find a photographer who does custom B+W prints -