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  • NEC Multisync P221W

    Hey guys I recently got the NEC Multisync P221W and I've been calibrating it with the eye one match software But I've Noticed that colors look oversaturated, meanwhile they look "better" on my other monitor (crappy Dell) .

    I have the feeling I'm missing something....

    Any ideas ?

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    Re: NEC Multisync P221W

    Did you calibrate both monitors with the i1? Also, get rid of any vidcard utilities, I've found they can interfere with profile loading. And use DisplayProfile to verify the profile is loading properly (that might be an old version, perhaps someone can find a newer one).
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      Re: NEC Multisync P221W

      Maybe it's just me, but I've never found the callibration software all that helpful. The most sensitive diagnostic equipment for looking at color is your eyes (if not the callibration won't matter anyway). Even if you figure out how to use the software correctly, you're going to spend some time tweaking color for your particular monitor (no two are exactly alike, so a profile for a particular model will only get you so far). Get some proofs made and compare your screen to the proofs. You're never going to get a perfect match, but at least you can build clear understanding of the relationship of your on-screen color to how images will look printed. Obviously, there's a huge difference between printed color and color that's illuminated on screen, but there's also a relationship between them that you can come to understand over time.

      Good luck to you. Hope you're doing well. Take care. Alan.


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        Re: NEC Multisync P221W

        Chances are this new monitor has a wider color gamut than your older monitor, hence the more saturated colors.

        Wide Gamut monitors are great when you have wide gamut sources, destined for wide gamut output, inside of color managed applications. For instance, lets say you have a photo that is in AdobeRGB colorspace that you are working on inside a color managed application (like Photoshop) and it will be printed on an inkjet printer that can reproduce most of those colors. In such an instance a wide gamut monitor is great, because with a low gamut monitor you'll be working blind to many of the saturated colors within.

        On the other hand, when working outside of color managed applications, or with improperly tagged files, low gamut colors will be mapped to the wide gamut monitor profile, with hyper-saturated colors as the effect. This can occur in games, movies, images on the web and even user interface icons etc.

        If you have a wide gamut monitor it is imperative you work in color managed applications as much as possible. For the internet the two color managed browsers are Safari and Firefox, though I don't recall if color management is turned on by default in Firefox or if it still requires user activation.


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          Re: NEC Multisync P221W

          thanks guys !


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