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Weird Color issue

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  • Weird Color issue

    OK so I will explain my workflow first. I open my images in photoshop (ACR first) and open them as 16 bit prophoto rgb. my working space is prophoto and when I am finished I convert to srgb and 8 bit. The image looks fine in photoshop. I save it and open it with quicklook/preview/iphoto/mail and it looks more saturated then in photoshop. I then take that same file I just opened in preview or quicklook and open it back up in photoshop to see if i messed something up. But when I open it in photoshop it looks fine (not more saturated)

    both images are the same file both in srgb 8bit the one on the left is open in iphoto and the one on the right is open in photoshop and what I wanted the image to look like (more or less)

    It seems like this is a color management issue but its strange to me that the same file is displaying differently in photoshop than any other image program.

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    Re: Weird Color issue

    FIGURED IT OUT! for anyone who is having a similar issue. go to edit> color settings. under advanced make sure "desaturate by X % is not checked" for some reason this was selected on mine and was desaturing my images by 11%


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