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Print 2up or 4up prints

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  • Print 2up or 4up prints

    Can anybody help to print 2up or 4up prints from Photoshop 7, or any free software that will allow you to keep a template of say 4 up and allow you to rotate the images within their boxes, without the box rotating.


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    Hi Col
    Maybe I'm mistaking your request; but in PS7 File/Automate/Picture package there are a variety of choices there. If you mean optimized, you might try Image Ready that comes with PS. I think it does what you are talking about.


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      Thanks that works, but how come when I try it, it seems to keep producing 4 up pages of the same 4 images until I press ESC?
      First time I did it it produced 5 pages of 4 up A4


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        I've never used it myself. But when I checked it out for you, I was able to click each box and put a different pic in each. Up on top set the box to file and see if that helps


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          Thanks thats it, gee the internet is great you solved my problem in Sydney Australia from NY. Thanks again


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