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help with color settings using PS Elements

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  • help with color settings using PS Elements

    I use Photoshop Elements 2.0 and the color management is very limited. When I look under Edit/Color Settings the only choices I have are for No Color/limited color/or full color management. Does anyone who is using PS Elements have a good set up they would like to share? I use an Epson Phot 870 for printing but would also like to have suggestions for the set up when taking my files in to a Fuji Frontier lab to have prints made.

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    All "Full color management" means is that it can embed an ICC profile into your PSD file. That is actually a big step, though. As long as you're getting good prints using ICC profiles with your own printer, if you load the ICC profile for the Frontier you should get "ok" results. Under color management click on the help button for more information.

    Unfortunately, Elements doesn't offer better control than that.
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