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  • Epson 2450 Scanner Settings

    I just got it today...a new Epson 2450 scanner that will scan slides and negatives (yay!) as well as the usual flat bed stuff. I wonder if anyone else has this scanner and what you think of it? I have not even hooked it up yet so I haven't tried it. But I'm sure I'll have questions as to best settings and tweaking for this and that, so if you have any hints to share, I'm all ears!

    Phyllis (using a Mac)

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    Phyllis - You should head over to the Hardware forum sometime...lot's of people have this scanner and there are several threads!

    I have had one since they first came out and Chris got one a few months ago. Barry Fairclough also wrote a review for us here.

    I'll leave this thread in Input/Output since the question is about software settings. How are you hooked up, Firewire or USB? As far as software, my own preference is for the Silverfast Twain over the Epson. It seems to do better with color negatives and slides...and has a pretty good interface.

    Oh...I absolutely love this scanner!!

    edit: I changed the thread title just a bit to help future searches


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      You might also be interested in this...I posted this little test in the "Scanning Objects" thread to show the excellent depth of field the 2450 has - depth of field test


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        Thanks! I'll head over to hardware now.

        Saw the test you did--wow! That's really amazing! Guess I'll use the Silverfast (thanks for the tip) since I plan to scan only slides and negatives. I have a large collection which I've never been able to use till now, since my old scanner didn't have the capability.



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          I know a lot of people like Silverfast, and I've never tried it, but a lot of people also use Vuescan as their scanning software on flatbeds, and film scanners. You can download Vuescan here for a trial. It comes fully functional, but the scan shows a grid until you pay ($40.00) for it. I use it with my scanner, and I think it's one of the best investments I've made. Easy to use, and excellent results. If you download the software, be sure to read the help files.



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