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  • Outsourcing Panorama Printing

    I recently received a job to restore an 8"x25" black and white photo. As soon as I received the order, I started a search for an online printing source. I found two that offered "panoramic' or large prints, EZprints and mycustomprints. I uploaded the identical print to each site, and ordered a print. (I sent the original, untouched scan). Although originally a black and white print, I scanned it in color, and uploaded that image, to check for color casts.
    What I received back from each vendor was incredible.
    EZprints image was just fabulous. Excellent paper, true reproduction, and no color cast, although a tiny bit dark.
    Tip: Panoramic prints are offered in either 6"or 12" height, with the width automatically calculated. I choose the 12", thinking that I would have a border around the 8" image. Wrong. The image I received was 12"x36", but to my suprise, it looked great! When I sent the final image in for printing, I will add my own border, to keep the original 8" size, and trim it myself.

    mycustomprints was just horrible. The returned image was a light sepia. I could actually see every ink dot on this image. I haven't seen anything this bad in ages. The paper was also low quality. As I stated in my email to customer support, "I could have gotten a better print from a 10 year old HP". Their response was an apology, but they maintained that the only way for the image to look better would require editing to remove scratches and improve tone, and then asked if I had reviewed the image I uploaded. No offer to reprint or refund my money. I replied that I knew what I sent, and if they couldn't see the difference in what I uploaded, and what they sent me, they probably wouldn't be in business too long. I stated that I was not looking to receive my money back, live and learn, but that I would most certainly share the experience. They emailed me back, and offered a refund.
    Regardless, I do not recommend this site to anyone.

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    Thanks for the good information Vikki. A thread on experiences with sites for printing might be a valuable thing on RP.



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