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  • Carbon Pigment Prints

    Exceedingly fun article in the Nov/Dec 2002 issue of Photo Techniques by Mark Dubovoy on Carbon Pigment Prints. It might be available online in a couple of months. It's actually part 2, but the first part was about the history of the process (abstractly interesting). This part is about using Photoshop, a service bureau, and a lot of very cool sounding equipment and ingredients, all for results that are "beautiful, better than anything else available today, and the prints will last for many centuries without significant degradation".
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    Sounds interesting. I wonder since it's pigment if they suffer the same metemerism problems Archival inks do. Something to look forward to though. Wonder what the cost of that will be. Probably pretty pricey at first.


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      Very pricey, considering you need registration equipment, vacuum frames, and some really big trays

      I doubt metamerism is a problem since this is a continuous-tone process.
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        In other words not for the novice printer with limited funds. Hey that just means they'll find a way to make it readily available the the average Joe Shmoe. I just have to wait 10 more years til that happens.


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          There is a review on Luminous Landscape of the Epson C80 which has pigment inks. The reviewer says it doesnt suffer from metamorphism like the 2000 does. His guess was because it is a 4 color printer.


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