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What 1920 x 1200 LCDs Are Best for Design Work?

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  • Color Management: What 1920 x 1200 LCDs Are Best for Design Work?


    I am wanting to license my designs through, which custom print various consumer goods ranging from clothing to Speck iPod cases. Zazzle recommends that images be uploaded in srgb format (although they also can accept CMYK).

    Current Set-up:

    I use a dual 19" crt set-up on a Macintosh G4, but I am wanting to move to a calibrated lcd to ensure color accuracy. The G4 can support up to two digital displays of up to 1920 x 1200 pixels via a adc port and a dvi port.

    I also have a MacBook Pro (Intel) which can support an external monitor of up to 2560 x 1200 pixels via a Mini DisplayPort. All my graphics work is on the G4 as it would cost a lot to transition my software and peripherals to the MacBook Pro.

    Preliminary Plan:

    I am looking at either buying one lcd display for the G4 and later moving it to the MacBook Pro or perhaps buying two identical displays and placing one on the G4 and one on the MacBook Pro (although I am not certain if the two displays could be calibrated to match each other).

    I have also seem some displays which claim to allow you to connect more than one computer at the same time and instantly switch between inputs (i.e., NEC), but I am not sure how ideal this would be? It seems that every model I’ve read about that supports this does not have a great srgb mode.

    The third stage of my plan would be moving work from the MacBook Pro to a future Mac Pro as the Mac Pro would offer multiple display support and other benefits over a laptop.

    Choosing a LCD:

    1. Just when I thought things couldn't get more complicated I came across "UGRA certification" on a review site Is this important to what I am intending to use the lcd(s) for? This is actually the only review site that I've read that has bothered to mention UGRA in their reviews and it seems many high end or well regarded monitors don't meet this certification. I have no intention of ever printing anything myself or at a local shop - I only want to insure that the images I upload to Zazzle are accurately printed by them.

    2. I understand I need a lcd with internal LUTs so that calibrating the lcd is more independent of the computers graphics card; however, I’ve read detailed reviews of even high end monitors ($2,000 NEC) only to find that its srgb emulation is not recommended.

    3. I am concerned about black levels and gradient shading, which is why I still holding on to my crts. I see that PVA is suppose to do this better that IPS, but PVA is often lacking on accurate colors and viewing angles.

    4. I am looking for suggestions as to an lcd and calibrator compatible with Macintosh computers. Ideally I am looking for a calibrator which works on its own as opposed to having to manually adjust the display through various on-screen menus. I’ve seen some reviews (Dell) that said accurate colors were possible, but it required an hour of adjustment using the OSD - I definitely do not want that.

    5. I do not want to use the monitor for movies or gaming so if its lacking in these areasthats fine with me as long as it great for design work.

    6. As to budget, I’d spend more for a higher end lcd, but certainly I will not be dropping $5,000 for a so called “studio monitor” as from the reviews I’ve seen a lot of the lcd “technology” seems to be marking “double talk” in reality.

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    Re: What 1920 x 1200 LCDs Are Best for Design Work

    The sRGB emulation on the new PA series of NEC SpectraView’s are very good indeed as are the other attributes of this “smart monitor” (high bit panel, software to control calibration electronically etc).


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