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NEC PA241W-BK-SV: Recommended Calibration / Setup?

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  • andrewrodney
    Re: NEC PA241W-BK-SV: Recommended Calibration / Se

    Originally posted by Class View Post
    1. I am looking for suggestions as to the best setting to use in the onscreen menu prior to calibrating it (i.e., brightness, and other settings)?
    Lock it, then start here:

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  • NEC PA241W-BK-SV: Recommended Calibration / Setup?

    I purchased this monitor and have it attached to a Mac. I haven't calibrated it yet - the only change I've made is switch it to the default srgb mode via the display's onscreen menu. I must admit the default uncalibrated srgb mode is very good compared to a 19" crt sitting right next to it.

    The reason I purchased this monitor was for its highly rated srgb mode as I will using it for design work for, which requests that work be uploaded using srgb. My previous work was done on crt monitors that were "calibrated" by eye, LOL.

    1. I am looking for suggestions as to the best setting to use in the onscreen menu prior to calibrating it (i.e., brightness, and other settings)?

    2. I have a hood coming for it, so I will likely recalibrate it after I attach the hood, but I was wondering how often should I recalibrate it - i.e., once a month?

    3. If you look under a Mac's "System Preferences: Displays: Color: Display Profile" you are allowed to change each display's color profile. Should I be setting this to "srgb" as opposed to the other choices of Adobe RGB, Generic RGB, or the monitor's own native profile?

    4. When working in Photoshop or Illustrator should I be setting my color profile to srgb?

    My work is created from a variety of sources, or combination of sources - 1200 dpi scans , digital pictures from a Canon T2i, or graphics created entirely in Illustrator.

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