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  • Choosing a new monitor

    Hey people,

    I'm wanting to buy a new monitor, something about 32" LCD (I don't like LEDs ones because they're too bright and also reflects too much the environment, but if you know one which doesn't, let me know). I already have an LCD Apple Cinema Display of 21" or so, but the space on screen is too small at this time. Don't want to buy the one of Apple (32") because it has vignetting on the corners.

    Any suggestion from you about which monitor should I buy? One of equal or better quality than the Cinema Display?

    Budget is USD $950 (that's the maximum amount allowed by customs here).

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Choosing a new monitor

    NEC PA30” SpectraView II. But not for $950! Either raise the budget or lower the screen size.


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