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  • Black and white photo

    Hello all, i am curious to know which option would be better to print a digitally restored black and white photograph on Matte Gloss or Metallic Gloss. Would there be any noticeable difference to either one on such and old photograph?

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    Re: Black and white photo

    I have not really seen much in the way of metallic papers either from a lab or own printing so cannot really say which would be better, but would guess that metallic has a very different look and feel to conventional darkroom prints.

    So if you (or your customer) are interested in maintaining the look and feel of an original which is old then I would think that you need to repeat how the original was printed i.e. either on Matt paper or Gloss (not aware of any Matte Gloss papers) conventional inkjet photo paper stock. Then you need to establish if original was on warm tone (chlorobromide paper e.g. Kodak Bromesko) or the colder toned Bromide papers.


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