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Digiart creation DPI and printing DPI

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  • Digiart creation DPI and printing DPI

    How do you handle this? I find that if I create the art that looks good at the large file size it doesnt look good in the smaller print size. Do you usually create your art at a smaller size and dpi and then upsample for printing?

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    Other than some filters I'm not sure where a file would look worse smaller than larger but I would avoid upsampling at all cost especially if the upsample is a large jump in size.


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      Well the quality of the print doesnt look worse but it will lose the effect such as the brushstokes may be so small you dont see them as you did when you created them. I am having hard time trying to expain what I mean on this.


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        Yeah, I see what you mean. I'm not sure what to tell you. I know you'll wind up getting a pixelated image if you upsample too much. Maybe others can give you better advice than I can on how to deal with this.


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          In my limited time in grade I have always learned not to upsize. I scan or create at a large dpi and then resize (if needed) or downsize. The results are much better for print. For viewing on a monitor it doesn't matter as much.


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            Personally I avoid upsizing like the plague - pixels drive me crazy!

            If you are after a brush stroke being viewed as a brush stroke and not just another dot try making your image the same size as you want your print. If you are using photoshop clicking on the tool bar at the left next to the % will show you an aproximate image size on which ever is your defalt paper (normally A4) this will give you a good idea or you can do some sums and work out the right size that way. Once you have a 100% view of your printed image - do you follow me!!! - I am having problems following myself then pick the paint brush you want and resize it with the [and the] until the brush is the size that you want it to be printed ..... paint....... let us see your creations....... we share ours creations....... we all have fun......

            Sorry I lost the plot at the end there! I hope you get the idea of what I was trying to say!

            Clare but