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Printer Settings for textured canvas?

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  • Printer Settings for textured canvas?

    I am using two printers: HP 1215 photo and an Epson 1280.My qoestion is what paper settings would I use for textured canvas and silky finish? I have a small quantity of this material and would like to see what the results would be.There are no choices for this media in either printer and they are not HP or Epson stock.Nether mfg. could give me a resonable answer.I would appriciate any sugestions.

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    I'm not sure about a specific setting but I do have a the canvas designed for inkjet use? If not, you might need to coat it with something to prevent the ink from bleeding too much. I tried running canvas through an old printer once and ended up with a muddy mess.


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      Thanks Greg.The canvas says it's for inkjet printers and it is coated.It's made by Avery and uses several software programs including Photoshop Deluxe.Maybe I should forget it rather than take a chance on damaging my printers.Thanks again for the advice.If anyone has an idea about the settings for the silky paper I would like to hear from you.


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        Don, I am wanting to try canvas on my 2200. I have found 2 good sources for both products you mention. and both offer polysilk and canvas products. Pictorico would respond with tips for using their products by e-mail. Inkjetart has a wealth of information on their site about using both products and would also respond to request for tips. When I get time to experiment with these papers I will seek the assistance of one or both of these sites. I have done business with both sites and recommend their products.


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          Don, I forgot to mention that you might go to the site and do a search on the word canvas in the "printers & printing" and "retouching" forums . I have seen it discussed there many times.


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            Re: Printer Settings for textured canvas?

            I know this isan old thread but hopefully someone reading it and wondering with find it useful. I would be careful of any of the inket canvas brands you can feed through a standard printer. I use to use Avery and a few others I can't remembe off the top. Alot of time they have optical brightners added to them which cause the prints to discolor over time. I now do all my canvas printing through FinerWorks after realizing that all the canvas I was printing myself at home had lost a lot of their contrast and started to yellow. I was printing them on an Epson with Archival inks so I know it was not the inks and later researched showed it was the canvas.


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              Re: Printer Settings for textured canvas?

              I have epson 9800 and I use different materials photo paper, metalic paper from folex and also use canvas papers of different brands and I figured out that canvas of every brand is very different in printing, The color will be different like when I was using Kodak canvas and switched to folex the colors, input material and out put profile was same but print was entirely different, so hanging between so many materials you can not stay at one place I cut out a piece of canvas from the roll and make small test print before making final image whatever difference I calculate i make changes in color balance and got what I need.. I know that this is not a standard but my clients have different choices some times they need kodak some times folex .... so this is what I do


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