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Getting pictures on a floppy disk.. Needing your Help!!

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  • Getting pictures on a floppy disk.. Needing your Help!!

    Hello you guys!!!

    This may sound like something that a photo retoucher shouldn't be wondering about, and it's true I am not a photo retoucher, I am just a simple guy who is trying to be one.

    But just to start, I have no idea how everything works in this field so I know I have to start from the very amateur part.

    My main point here is to ask you guys, SIZE=3]how do I get the my pictures on a floppy disk with a nice touch of quality?.[/SIZE]

    I don't have a digital camera right now, so if I want to get digital pictures I have to take my film to the regular market or drugstore and get them on a disk. And the worse thing is that everytime I get them like this, they are bad. I have like 5 disk now and they all so different. You may be wondering why I get on a disk, well like I said I don't know much about formats or picture quality.

    I like to play with my pictures on photoshop, but this ones I have gotten are difficult to do effects with.

    Is there any way I can get the best quality on this kind of pictures?

    what can I tell the people at the stores to get me good and clear pictures?

    What would be the best way to get this kind of pictures, in a floppy disk or CD?

    Should I know how to establish a good way to manage this kind of pictures?

    Well, these are just a few of the questions I have about this. I know is something simple but like I said I want to know even the smallest detail.

    If you have the time to answerd this, go right ahead, I will apreciate it. All your info will be well received.

    Thank you

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    Re: Getting pictures on a floppy disk.. Needing your Help!!

    Originally posted by Donamai

    what can I tell the people at the stores to get me good and clear pictures?

    Quite often, stores take the order, then send it to Kodak or some other lab for processing. One thing that seems to work very well, is that when you take the film in for processing, have the clerk put a note on your order "Must have good color and density". If the problems have been resulting from processing, this might take care of the problem. If it doesn't, find another lab to do the work. Of course, if the problem is in exposure, you won't find a good solution other than learning to take better pictures.

    A floppy disc only holds 1.44 MB of information. This is not enough for quality photo files. You'll need to go to a CD or DVD.



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      To get good quality, you'll want to get the images on a CD (or DVD - if you have a DVD drive in your computer). A floppy only holds 1.4 MB of data. A CD holds 700MB.

      Would it be possible for you to attach one of your photos so we can see an example of the poor quality that you're referring to? That will help us determine what the issues are that you're facing - whether it's JPEG artifacting, the size, color, etc. You'll need to get the photo to a size under 100KB - so perhaps you can only attach a cropped portion for us to see. If you're having trouble getting the file size under 100KB, please see this tip. For this case, so we can get a good impression of the quality you're working with, it would be best to crop a portion of the image and save at 60-70% JPEG quality so that we can view it at 100% size - rather than making the whole image smaller or a lower JPEG quality which will further degrade your image.



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        thank you, so much

        Yes, I have a few pix, that I like you to see.

        the problem with the pictures I always get is that the resolution and the colors are bad. You can see the pic here

        And tell me what do you notice about the bad resolution and the colors.

        Notice how the edges of the flower are off course and they look faded.

        what do you think?
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          Don, I assume this is one of the pictures which you had scanned onto a floppy? It looks like strong JPEG compression was used, i.e. a lot of data was lost in the compression. As Chuck said, the edges of the flower look like JPEG artifacts to me. You most likely would not see this if the image was saved as TIF or a very high JPEG quality. I don't notice that the colors look faded, but then I don't know what the original looked like. Was the scan from a print, negative or slide?

          In terms of the colors being off, I have found this to be true with just about any scanner - at least non-professional ones. There is always some tweaking that needs to happen to get the color to look like the original - whether you do that by hand or purchase color management software to create a profile for the scanner. Also, if your monitor is not calibrated, then no matter what color management is performed by the person who scanned the picture, it won't look right to you on your screen. Not sure if that's the case or not.

          Hope this helps,


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            As everyone else has said, floppy/jpeg is not the way to go if you want good resolution. The problem that I see with the upoaded image is jpeg artifacts, or detoriation that happens when the image is compressed.

            You probably would want your processor to put the images on CD using the TIFF format. This is a format that doesn't cause any loss of detail, however the size of the image would be to large to fit on a floppy. Photoshop, as well as most other image editing programs, can read TIFF.

            Hope this helps.



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              I guess you are right!!

              It is true. Since I don't know much bout formats right now it is a pain in the back one to understand it.

              and Yes, you are right the people who scan the images for pictures on a floppy disk are not using the right format. I have got to make sure that I get the best out of my regular floppy disks.

              And I have to admit that in order for me to get a CD for my pictures I have to pay more for it, wich I'm not sure if I should, because as an amateur I don't take good pictures and I would end up getting more of my bad pictures than the ones I get really interested on.

              Well, at least that's what I think!!

              thank you


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                I would suggest that you try this with just a couple of images. If you have the negatives of some pictures you are interested in then they can work from that. Or you can try it with your next roll.

                This way you will at least know what is available out there, and if that will meet your needs.



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                  I would also try getting 1-2 of your images on CD - preferably the same ones you already have on floppy so that you can compare. Then you'll know whether it is worth it for you to pay the extra amount to have your images put on CDs.



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