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  • Ed_L
    Susan (I think I got that right),

    You said: Select ISO-9660 CD-format, JPG format (RGB), JPG filename format, and Pictures

    Remember that you're talking to a dummy. How are you able to do all that? It can't be done through Photoshop, can it?


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  • sjm
    started a topic Kodak CD platform

    Kodak CD platform

    here is the response I got from Kodak when I called to inquire about formatting a CD to use with their picture maker......

    "Here is the best formula for making a cd that will work with the Kodak Picture Maker.

    Select ISO-9660 CD-format, JPG format (RGB), JPG filename format, and Pictures directory.

    A folder called Pictures needs to be on a CD-R not CD-RW, and the
    session/CD needs to be closed. I can not guarantee this will work but it
    should. I hope this helps!"

    my son burned a CD following this formula on his PC at work and it worked fine. I'm waiting for Toast 5.0 to arrive (mail order) so I can try burning one by myself on the MAC. Not much MAC support locally so I have to mail order just about everything.

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