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    Hello Folks!
    Why PS CS6 stores some photos with the 'PS' icon instead of their thumbnail? (PHOTO 1)

    And why certain JPG thumbnail do not appears?
    (PHOTO 2)

    Thanks all!
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    Re: Thumbnails (CS6)

    1st problem: Several versions ago, Adobe removed a component in PS which allowed thumbnails of .psd files to be seen in your Windows environment. In order to see them now, you need to install a viewer program. I have been using PastPictureViewer Codec pack which will allow you to display thumbnails for psd and many many more file suffixes,

    2nd Problem: Have only found that when the file was either corrupt or the file was miss-labeled as a jpg when it was actually a png, bmp, gif, or something else.
    Cheers, Murray


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      Re: Thumbnails (CS6)

      I'm on Mac 10.8.
      Meanwhile I realized that isn't just my problem but a common one. People can find a large forum involving even one of the creators of PS here:

      Chris Cox

      25-mag-2012 10.02 * in reply to marc123B90

      The thumbnails in the open dialog are provided by the OS (as is most of the open/save dialog).* So there is still a problem with the OS creating or displaying thumbnails.
      It's not a matter of blaming Apple without reason, just that Apple has an awful lot of bugs in the OS that don't get fixed very quickly.
      Here we know that the OS is responsible for the thumbnails, that clearing the OS cache of thumbnail and metadata fixes it for some people, and that even after that the OS can't always draw the thumbnails when it is supposed to.* I have no idea why that would be worse in some applications than others - but the OS is clearly failing to draw thumbnails, and that's not something that Photoshop has any control over.

      Btw the bug haven't been fixed yet.
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