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Good Large Format Scanner: Mounted Photos, Other?

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  • Good Large Format Scanner: Mounted Photos, Other?

    I have a large collection of vintage images, including tin types, cabinet cards, glass slides, 2 x 2 slides, polaroids, various negatives and so on. I am looking to digitize these for the purpose of printing the resulting images. The printing will be completed by a third party so all I need to concern myself with is creating a high quality master scan which can be cleaned up using photoshop or other software. The 3rd party has also sold 3 items based upon my images so it appears I am delivering correctly formatted images to them for printing. I also need to scan vintage printed images which use a variety of printing techniques and mediums such as half-tone illustrations, engravings, and so forth.

    So far I only have a couple of 8.5 X 11 CCD scanners and two similar sized CIS scanners. The CCD scanners are ideal for anything with any amount of depth that keeps the images away from the scanning glass, while the CIS only can scan completely flat items.

    I am looking to obtain a large format scanner to use with some of the larger late 1800s to early 1900s images that typically consist of paper photos affixed to fiberboard backer boards. I can currently complete scans of smaller such images, such as cabinet cards, on one of my existing CCD scanners.

    I have not really found anything that would meet these requirements:

    1. Minimum 11" X 17" scanning bed.
    2. Minimum 1200 dpi.
    3. Must be a CCD based scanner and not CIS as they lack depth.
    4. The scanner must come with useful dust and scratch software OR be able to be used with Photoshop CS3 or CS6 via TWAIN. I've never used VueScan or SilverFast so its more important that the scanner work with Photoshop as I am not not sure non PS software would be helpful.
    5. Must work with Mac 10.7.5.


    6. It would be nice if the unit also could scan 2 X 2 slides and film; however, the increased size of the scan bed is more of an importance as I could always buy a scanner for slides alone. I recently outsourced a trial lot of 200+ slides from the 1960s that were scanned at 1200 dpi and was generally pleased, but I'd possibly like to see how doing this myself would compare.

    Some of the master scans I currently work with can easily be in the 100 to 300MB range as I typically am interested in obtaining the maximum possible print size from each image. I often further increase the size of a master using Perfect Resize 7 Pro. I don't not mind if a scan goes a little beyond the amount of information that can be optically obtained from an image (i.e., the individual dots making up the image are visible) as its better than losing information by scanning at a too low of dpi.

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    Re: Good Large Format Scanner: Mounted Photos, Oth

    Your scanner requirements should be met with something like the Epson v750 with one exception, the maximum bed size is I believe 10x8