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Photo paper for Epson printer advice needed.

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  • Photo paper for Epson printer advice needed.

    I am using an Epson 4880 printer, and use Epson ink. I am very happy with Epson glossy paper, but would like to find a cheaper alternative. I have bought a couple of generic and Fuji paper that claims to be compatible, but the ink will just not adhere to the paper properly. I have used Kodak, HP (not real happy with it), and Office Depot (liked it, but can buy Epson just as cheap). Does anyone have any suggestions, sources, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tony

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    Re: Photo paper for Epson printer advice needed.

    You are not going to like my suggestion <g>, stick with Epson papers.


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      Re: Photo paper for Epson printer advice needed.

      You may find perfectly good paper from third party manufacturers, Red River comes to mind (for those in the US) although I have not tried it there seems to be a great many positive reviews - they also supply paper profiles for your 4880 I am sure there are many others.

      Good quality paper however I suspect will not be cheap and as you have found out likely to be very close to Epsons own cost per sheet.

      All companies claim that you will get the best results from using its products ink+paper with its printers. Ignoring the cynic in me I think there is a good reason to believe that these claims are not just marketing hype. The fact is that the companies design the printer, inks and papers to work well together to yield very good results. The wrong paper type may allow the ink to spread too far or sit on the surface causing drying issues thus producing less than optimum results.

      So unless you want to spend a lot of time and money on the 'great paper chase' which may or may not save you a little money in the long term I would go with Andrew's suggestion sticking with Epson paper and ink


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        Re: Photo paper for Epson printer advice needed.

        The reasons to stick with Epson are:

        The media settings are based on their papers. Others can only recommend a setting and you should absolutely test their recommendations.

        Epson supplies very good ICC profiles for their papers which many are installed with the print driver. 3rd party profiles range from good to piss-poor.


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          Re: Photo paper for Epson printer advice needed.

          I appreciate all responses. Thanks, Tony


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            Re: Photo paper for Epson printer advice needed.

            I use Red River
            I use the Epson Ink and the Red River paper

            Excellent with the Epson Printer.
            Download their profile for the paper.


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              Re: Photo paper for Epson printer advice needed.

              I have found that the Kodak E Surface Luster paper is exceptional in eliminating, not minimizing, bronzing compared to Epson. Since I build my own profiles, I have no issues with color. I also use Epson ink in an Epson 9900, recently purchased, after my 9800 went down and is in service.


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