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Removing thin black line in screen mode

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  • Removing thin black line in screen mode

    When switching between screen modes there is a thin black line that appears around the image, looks like a drop shadow. I work with a lot of images the are on a white background. One of my screen modes is set to white. The line that appears is a nuisance.
    I would like for my image to bleed into the background.

    I attached a screenshot of the problem.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm using CS4. The problem appears in my CS3 as well.
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    Re: Removing thin black line in screen mode


    Open your preferences window under "edit" menu, look under "interface" you will see the "border" set as "drop shadow" set it to "none"....



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      Re: Removing thin black line in screen mode

      Thank you so much. Been driving me nuts!

      Don't suppose you know how to remove it in CS3 as well.
      I don't seem to have that option under interface.
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        Re: Removing thin black line in screen mode

        Sorry can't remember how to do it in doubt someone will be using it on here and give you a knock :o)



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