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"Save for Web" Option When Saving Images

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  • "Save for Web" Option When Saving Images

    Lately we have had some trouble with gallery images not loading correctly. Below are some tips to ensure that things run smoothly:

    Things To Remember When Saving An Image for the Web
    1. Make sure the image is in RGB mode vs. CMYK

    2. PhotoShop users save your images using the "save for web" feature

    3. When naming your file, don't use punctuation, or mile long names.

    4. Don't embed extra data in your files such as slices.

    Thanks In Advance For Your Cooperation!
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    Browser Problems Caused by PhotoShop 7 JPEG Images

    There appears to be a compatibility issue with PhotoShop 7.0 JPEGS and the Internet Explorer Browser.

    So for all images submitted to RetouchPro make sure you use the "Save for Web" option when saving files in PhotoShop. This will create the best file for web viewing and also eliminate any extra embedded data that would increase file size and slow downloading. Also please avoid mile long file names as this tends to cause trouble as well. Basically just keep it short and sweet. THANKS!

    Here is an article I found on the issue:
    We would like to alert our users to a problem caused for Web browsers and other applications by certain JPEG files created with Photoshop 7.

    With PS 7, Adobe decided by default to embed XML-encoded "preview" data into JPEG files, using a feature of the JPEG format that permits embedding of arbitrarily-named "profiles". In theory, these files are valid according to the JPEG specifications. However they break many applications, including Quark and, significantly, various versions of Internet Explorer on various platforms.

    The symptom in Internet Explorer is that the browser becomes "stuck" in downloading an image file, and its memory utilization starts to increase at the rate of about 100K per minute. After this occurs, the browser can still navigate, but it will not display any images at all -- neither offending PS 7 JPEG images nor any other kind of images, on this site or any other site.

    Once the browser is blasted by one of these JPEG image bombs, one can recover on some platforms by closing all browser windows and restarting the browser. On some platforms, it is reported that it is necessary to reboot the entire system.

    We have searched the Microsoft web site for Internet Explorer workarounds or patches for this problem, and we have not been able to find any. IE 5 and 6 on Windows 2K, and IE 6 on Windows XP are some of the version/platform combinations that are impacted, but there are likely others.

    In the meanwhile, we appeal to our users not to upload JPEG images created in PS7 unless they have been saved using the "Save for Web" feature.

    -- Services Photonet , September 05, 2002; 10:10 A.M. Eastern


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      Adobe PhotoShop 7.0.1 update patch
      Also the 7.0.1 update patch might have resolved the problem. So if you have PhotoShop 7.0 make sure that you have applied the patch.

      Adobe PhotoShop 7.0.1 Update for Windows

      PhotoShop 7.0.1 Update for Macintosh


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        If you know you submitted a gallery image that did not follow the above listed steps for saving an image for the web, please go to your gallery and replace the image with one saved correctly.

        THANKS, your cooperation will help us speed up the repair of the gallery.



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          Hi Paul,
          How can i retain my exif info when using the "save for web" option of photoshop? I just notice that when i save my file using the "save as" option, the exif info is still there.




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            "Save For Web"

            When you use the "Save For Web" feature to optimize the JPEG it will discard the EXIF data.

            This makes the file smaller and more web compatible as some of the data saved can corrupt some browsers and programs. If you use the regular "Save As" command it will preserve the EXIF data. So I would duplicate the image you create keeping one as your master copy by using the "Save As" option and then create your web version by using the "Save for Web" option. Also, since JPEGs will compress each time you save them I would save your master copy as a .tif in order to preserve the information.


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              Thanks a lot T Paul. Now i understand why.


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                That sounds pretty serious.... I'm wondering what effect that may be having on some personal sites I have.

                anyhow I went for the update but am confused which is the update on that page... (see attached page photo)...

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                  That's the one I downloaded.



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                    Thanks Ed

                    Originally posted by Ed_L
                    That's the one I downloaded.

                    Thanks Ed... how've you been ?

                    DJ visited on the way to the UP of mich. ? Somehow I thought you lived around Tampa fl.