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Retouching vs. eye care and vision

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  • Retouching vs. eye care and vision

    Hi there!
    It is my first post here so please be kind! I searched this forum and I am not sure if it's the right place to put this thread so I try here.

    I wanted to ask you about your eyes after years and many hours of retouching. Have you noticed any deterioration in vision? What is your eye care? Do you take regular short brakes or use special glasses?

    My eyesight worsened lately and I am not sure if it is from doing more and more retouching. It doesn't have much sense because I spend similar amount of time in front of a computer as always. Can eyes get tired from retouching more than from browsing internet? OK it is a bit different but even in D&B eyes move around the photo. So I am thinking if it is from retouching or should I look for other reasons. What is your experience with that?

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    Re: Retouching vs. eye care and vision

    Computer use can cause temporary eye fatigue, but no long-term damage. My eyes have gotten worse just from the years. From speaking with my eye doctor the approximate age of 50 seems to be a sort of rough tipping point for eyes.
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      Re: Retouching vs. eye care and vision

      I thought it was 40. Hey, all downhill after then for me.


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        Re: Retouching vs. eye care and vision

        If anything your vision gets better and quicker at discerning critical detail. Not sure how useful that is in real life, but I find myself looking at details of everything all the time now. haha

        Just training your eyes and mind to see differently


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