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preserving LR keywords...PS image Processor

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  • preserving LR keywords...PS image Processor

    I've been running large batches of very high ISO RAW files through the Noiseware...which saves a TIFF file...this seems to strip off the EXIF data :-(

    I'd like to keep keywords written to the RAW file in Lightroom

    Can a keyword be preserved in a TIFF file?

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    Re: preserving LR keywords...PS image Processor

    Keywords should be preserved as EXIF data (see File Info). But if a 3rd party product strips out that data building a new iteration, not sure there's anything you can do about that but report it as a bug, then re-add the data. A raw file has no such user data as Keywords, that's stored in the Lightroom database (raws are read only).


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